Colas Rail Maroc

High Speed Rail (LGV Maroc) .

Colas Rail Maroc

High Speed Rail (LGV Maroc)

Colas Rail is a leading provider of rail infrastructure services, with more than 35 years experience in High Speed line. The company was contracted by Morocco's railroad operator, ONCF (Office National des Chemins de Fer), to design, build and test the first ever High Speed Line in Africa. I spent 18 months regularly checking-in at different stages of the project to take photographs and videos in order to create a comprehensive photography and videography library for the client. I used this material to produce multiple promotional and corporate videos, as well as communication brochures. During my interventions on the worksite, I was also commissioned by Groupe Bouygue, Colas Rail parent company, to produce drone photographs of the High Speed Line construction site that were later published on their magazine Le Minorange.

Photo Library

Aerial photo of railroad worksite
aerial view of bulldozers on ballast
forklift transporting railway sleepers
Railroad at early stages of construction
Two railroad construction workers in northern Morocco
Train laying the rails on mountain landscape
Longest high speed rail viaduc in the world over Oued Loukkos
Aerial view of longest high speed rail viaduct over Oued Loukkos
Aerial view of rails being laid in Morocco countryside
Aerial photo of high speed rail bridge
Morocco's High speed train on tracks
Two locomotive machine operators
Three locomotive machine operators
Security agent on a moped
railroad security induction class
railroad circulation training


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